Established in 1936, the Somerset Wheelmen bicycling club can trace its early roots to an organization founded by Fred "Pops" Kugler's father in 1912. Called the Somerville Wheelmen, the club grew with the enthusiasm of three generations of the Kugler family. It evolved into a loosely-knit training and racing group during the Depression.

The Somerset Wheelmen continues to be a community minded organization. Now under the leadership of club president Brooke Wilson, the Somerset Wheelmen boasts more than 70 members from Central Jersey and the entire Mid Atlantic region. It attracts such notables as Baltimore's Bobby Phillips, one of the nation’s most prolific race winners of the past 30 years.

Along with numerous opportunities to travel, compete and meet people from all walks of life, the club upholds the same goals that Fred "Pop" Kugler first envisioned more than 60 years ago: promoting fitness, health, self confidence, recognition, positive community visibility, and winning.